What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital means of assigning and organizing rights to limited official productions of a piece of art. Similar to how many people may have copies of pictures of the Mona Lisa, but only the Louvre has the original; many people may have copies of the art in an NFT, but only one person has the official one.

So what are NFTrogs?

Your favorite cannabis culture artist, Trog, is bringing you the limited and rare opportunity to digitally exchange his art to other fans, and make some money in the process, like the fine art dealer you are. So light a spliff, get some ethereum and buy some NFTrogs before you miss out on the initial offering prices.

We have started the NFT releases on the Ethereum ERC 20 platform, then intend on expanding to other chains like binance chain as well as others in the near future :)

Back Catologue & New Work

We intend on doing both a tokenized release of Trogs back catologue, with limited NFT additions of the limited prints he's previously offered, as well as some new NFT only pieces that will be the perfect buy for the diehard TROG fan, casual NFT collector, or anyone else that likes art, weed or money.


TROG hard at work

We are currently on OpenSea

We are currently minting and offering NFTrogs on OpenSea. So if you don't have an OpenSea account, it would be a good time to go sign up.
Then head on over to Trog's OpenSea store and grab an NFT!